IFTTT (If This Then That) is a powerful free service to automate all sorts of repetitive tasks. What makes it truly useful and amazing is that IFTTT can use several services like Facebook, Craigslist, Gmail, or your phone and build all sorts of interactions between then.

Here is an example of very common recipe (that’s how they call a IFTTT script):

IFTTT weather recipe


For each recipe, you pick a trigger event and an action to execute when the event happens. In the above example, when the weather forecast announces rain in your area for tomorrow, IFTTT will send you an email with that information.

It could also send you a SMS or a phone notification, or put a file in your Dropbox, or store that information in a Google Spreadsheet… The possibilities are almost limitless!

Here are some more examples that work for me every day:

Mute your phone at bedtime

Message your partner when you leave work


Phone recipes are especially useful. Smartphones have a GPS system, a camera, speakers, and all of them are made accessible to IFTTT. The above recipe uses your GPS location to trigger a SMS message sent to your partner.

Since smart home services like WeMo, Nest or Hue are also part of IFTTT, you can basically turn your lights on automatically when you get home, or turn them off when you leave. Location services can also be used to warn you if your phone is stolen. In that case, there’s a recipe to email you any photo taken with your phone so that you can identify who stole it.

Share facebook posts to Twitter


IFTTT plays great with social networks so if you want to automatically share your posts everywhere, there are many different recipes to do just that! There are 229 channels – potential triggers or actions to execute – available in IFTTT to date.

One more great example of IFTTT recipe is the automation of a job search that automatically notifies you when new opportunities are available. You can base it on a Craigslist search with specific keywords, or you could use RSS feeds from job search engines filtered by a specific keyword to get the most relevant results:

Get notified of new job openings

What makes IFTTT even better is that the most popular recipes are available on their site, which means anybody can already access a huge list of ideas to get some inspiration from. IFTTT is definitely one of my best hacks, and it does not even require to write any line of code!

Do you use IFTTT? Any great recipe you’d like to share with us? Don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments section.

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